As a property manager, you’re faced with many challenges from time management to increasing revenue. But did you know that the implementation of an asset management solution can help?

An asset management solution can help you enjoy visibility, traceability and accountability for all of your assets, regardless of their location. An efficient system supports a variety of residential and commercial property types, and can be scaled up or down, depending on your property portfolio size.

Not only that, but you can use an effective asset management solution to tackle even your toughest challenges.

Time Management

By automating tasks that used to take hours or even days, you will automatically save time and resources.

With AssetCloud, you will enjoy centralized visibility of all assets from the warehouse to each property, as well as transfers, replacements, or asset moves between properties. To enable this visibility, the system provides an easy way for you or your employees to check-in and check-out appliances to new or existing tenants.

All of this efficiency frees you up to focus on what matters most – the upkeep of your properties and tenant satisfaction.

Lower Operational Expenses

Automating your asset management processes provides enhanced scheduling and instant notifications, reduces capital expenditures, and saves money on maintenance. Thus, total operational expenses decrease while efficiency increases.

More specifically, AssetCloud enables you to set up automated schedules for preventative property maintenance to be performed at specified intervals such as monthly, weekly, and so on.

Attract and Maintain Quality Tenants

Attracting and retaining quality tenants remains the most challenging part of a property manager’s job. Afterall, if you’re not attracting and retaining quality tenants then you’re not making money. That’s why the upkeep and maintenance of your properties is so important.

AssetCloud makes regular property and asset maintenance a breeze with its scheduling and notification options. And your job is easier than ever with the ability to manage assets or appliances at multiple properties without needing all locations to be on the same network.

Control Unexpected Costs

Unexpected repair requirements can prove very costly. In fact, property damage and unplanned maintenance and repairs prove to be the most challenging task for most property managers.

AssetCloud tracks depreciation on each asset so you know when to order new assets ahead of time, and helps you forecast future needs. And when you do encounter an unexpected repair, you can easily access all of the notes and maintenance history of a specific asset for your review and decisioning.

Increase Revenue

Using automated technology while listing and renting homes greatly decreases vacancy time and make-ready proceedings. Since you and your team spend less time tracking assets manually or searching for lost assets, they work more efficiently and produce better results.

Automated operations also bring a higher level of convenience to tenants. There is no wait time for them to complete essential—yet repetitive—tenant functions. Increased tenant satisfaction leads to longer leases and less resistance to rent increases, which means more revenue for you.