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Cloud-based or On-Premise

Simple Lot and Date Code Tracking Solution

Maintain compliance as the manufacturer or the administrator.


In any service business, time should be spent on serving customers and clients, not wasted by hunting down mismanaged inventory or spending valuable time tediously tracking lot and date codes for compliance. Instead of wasting time, facilities can pull up real-time inventory numbers showing where inventory is located and the quantities of an item and those locations.

While some businesses might be able to survive a stockout for a day or two, for many organizations stockouts are not an option. Having a system with real-time inventory updates and low stock notifications is crucial to daily operations.

Key Benefits


Stay compliant with accurate lot and date code tracking. Quickly pull up quantities and locations for a lot that gets recalled and get email alerts for lot codes expiring.


Reduce cycle count time by up to 80% while using scan-centric audits that perform more quickly and accurately than manual counts that use spreadsheets or paper and pen.

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