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Cloud-based or On-Premise

Essential Government Mandate Compliance Software

Minimize your agency’s tedious asset auditing processes and maintain compliance.


AssetCloud allows you to take control and monitor fixed assets that state and federal laws mandate be controlled and accounted for. AssetCloud captures all the data necessary to comply with each mandate. Add, rename and add custom fields to the system for a completely custom asset tracking system.

AssetCloud uses barcode scanning capabilities, which allows your organization to track fixed assets. By eliminating the manual process, AssetCloud saves time and erases any data entry errors while increasing accuracy and accountability. Maintain up-to-the-minute data for all of your fixed assets.

Key Benefits


Never fail an audit again! With AssetCloud you can reduce your audit time by 80% and practically eliminate data entry errors commonly associated with spreadsheets.


Keep track of where each funding dollar is spent with AssetCloud, so you always know what you have, who has it, and where it’s located.

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