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Track and Trace Solutions

Supporting compliance with industry and government regulations

End-to-end Solutions for Pharmaceutical Applications

We offer solutions ranging from stand-alone systems to integrated solutions developed with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), adding serialization and aggregation to your production line. Additionally, we provide software for device control in levels 1 to 3, as well as connectivity to level 5 systems for resource planning.

Through decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we have become experts in building successful track and trace programs. Strong project management is needed to develop and implement an efficient program regardless of industry or application. Our project managers are dedicated to finding the solution that fits your core integration requirements.

Track & Trace Solutions
Track & Trace Solutions
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It is our goal to deliver solutions to our customers which are easy to use, uphold performance levels and keep the cost of maintaining compliance to a minimum. We stay on top of the latest developments in the regulatory landscape, making us your expert for all regulatory questions. For those new to the world of track and trace, we provide guidance to help achieve a track and trace program that meets all industry and government standards.

Choose Asset Mark Africa knowing that our installation expertise, industry knowledge and regulatory know-how will deliver a comprehensive and effective track and trace program.

Regulatory Compliance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

We are experts in establishing compliance with pharmaceutical regulations governing serialization.

Maintaining compliance with these regulations does not have to be difficult: our solutions not only perform the necessary serialization and aggregation processes required to support compliance with regulations such as CFR 21 Part 11, they generate a comprehensive audit trail and transmit serialization data to the required locations. Additionally, as an industry expert in pharmaceutical packaging, we stay up-to-date with legislation, trends and industry partners to help ensure our hardware and software is always supportive of new compliance requirements.

Project Management

A successful track and trace program goes further than just supporting compliance. We have years of experience with delivering code inspection, serialization and aggregation solutions which deliver consistently high quality results. We offer track and trace solutions with additional checkweighing capabilities, adding extra quality assurance functionality.

Providing a single point of contact for consulting services, our project managers start with pre-sales definition to gather key requirements prior to project implementation, project definition and operations support. This framework allows us to create a track and trace program tailored to your business needs, involving you at every milestone. After installation, our global sales and service team deliver rapid support for any issues that arise, while comprehensive service contracts provide spare parts and regular testing to keep your systems running smoothly.

Standards Development and Support

We are not just providers of the equipment and software necessary for the implementation of a serialization program, we also participate in developing industry standards. Working with industry partners, vendors and government, we are active in shaping legislation that is both feasible for implementation and provides the assurances needed for secure and safe pharmaceuticals. I

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